Holy Cow!

Holy Cow! They Fly!


The engineers in the Junior Engineering Physics Class have encountered an unusual creature, the Flying Chick fil-A Cows.  These are normal Chick fil-A Cows that have had so much freedom that they have mutated into a flying variety. The interest in this new variety of cows is obviously very high.  NASA needs to determine the tensile strength required for flying cow leashes.  These leashes will allow the cows the freedom to fly in a circular fashion and yet keep them safe from harm.  NASA has asked the Junior Physics class at GSST to help with this investigation.  The class has received a grant to study these cows.  The grant requires hard data and a solid discussion of the physics involved.  Some of the values that NASA requires include the radial velocity and acceleration, the forces on the cow and the leash.  They will use what they have learned recently regarding uniform circular motion, Newton’s Second Law, and conical pendulums to further their investigation.  All of the work will be presented in a lab notebook with a final report to NASA.   Models for these cows were procured and studied. The results from the study of these models were compiled and sent on to the scientists at NASA to develop real leashes for the Flying Chick fil-A Cows.   The class had a lot of fun as they used their knowledge of the physics of centripetal motion and Newton’s Laws.  For more information on the results of the study and these phenomenal creatures please send a request to:

Dr. Rhett Woo

Project Manager – NASA Flying Cows Research Group

Lab Facility A70

GSST Junior Physics Class

520 Butler Farm Road

Hampton, VA 23666



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