On February 15, students participated in the Bayport Credit Union MBAYPORT_1ad City Money Event.  Students were provided with a life, which indicated their profession, salary, spouse’s salary, number of children, and monthly insurance premiums. Some students were given credit card debt or student loans. They were then required to visit each station to
purchase housing, transportation, childcare, food plans, mall (haircuts, toiletries etc.) home furnishing, and fun.  At the end of the exercise the students had to balance their budget sheets to determine if they were within their provided budget.

Lady Luck was also wandering around the room to provide students with unexpected windfalls, or expenses to add to their budget.  There was also an opportunity for students to receive $5.00 cash during the simulation. Bayport also gave away $25 Mastercard Gift cards per session, for a total of $200 to our students.