Tiny Stars
Our Newport Academy Team Spirit ~ We all work together: students, staff, school   divisions, community agencies, and families!

Tiny StarsA positive, supportive, structured learning environment engineered to meet the specific needs of students  with Emotional Disabilities.

Tiny StarsSchool-wide positive behavior support strategies which focus on our staff teaching and modeling positive behavior for all students across all settings.

Tiny StarsIndividualized Educational Plans and Instruction address Virginia Standards of Learning, Aligned Standards of Learning, communication/language skills, functional academics, positive behavior supports, and social skills development based on their needs.

Tiny StarsWe extend learning beyond the classroom to include guest speakers, special events, community-based instruction, field trips, and special outings.

Tiny StarsSensory and exercise activities, social stories, interactions with staff, and quiet spaces are used to help students regulate their emotions, calm if upset, and re-energize or regain focus for instructional activities.

Tiny StarsInstructional and Assistive Technology enhances student learning and communication. Laptops, iPads, and smart board technology are available and accessible to students.

Tiny StarsCreative, challenging Recreation Therapy program offering a variety of recreational and sports activities focused on developing problem-solving skills, positive social skills, communication, and cooperation within a team or group.

Tiny StarsNewport Academy values family involvement.  Our Family-School Team plans fun engaging family events throughout the school year ~ Fall Family Fun Festival, Family Movie Nights, Family Reading Nights, and much more!