Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference


Interservice/Industry Technology,
Simulation and Education Conference 2016

Winnie Zhang and Julie Zhou from York County Public Schools represented the Governor’s School for Science & Technology at the Interservice/Industry Technology, Simulation and Education Conference in Orlando, Florida in early December. I/ITSEC is one of the largest simulation conferences with more than 15,000 in attendance. GSST is one of only six high schools to be represented in the Future Leaders Pavilion as part of the STEM initiative.
Winnie and Julie worked throughout the summer and fall to prepare their simulation entitled “A Simulation on the Effect of a Major World War on the Population of the World”. They discussed their work and demonstrated their simulation with many visitors and other students over the duration of the conference. They gave a formal presentation of their work to the student competition. Additionally, they were able to explore and interact with the enormous range of technology on display. Winnie and Julie plan to major in computer science in college and this conference gave them an exceptional professional experience and a look into the directions that technology and simulation are heading.