Local Innovation Expert Meets with GSST Engineering Students.


Local Innovation Expert Meets with GSST Engineering Students

 GSST senior engineering and physics classes are visited by Hampton Roads industry and university engineering leaders as part of the school’s Leadership Engagement Series. GSST wants students to be aware of the latest trends in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to help them to be better informed in their education and career choices, and to more fully understand the importance and value of the engineering skills they are learning in class and lab. Marty Kaszubowski, long time technology leader in Hampton Roads and Executive Director of the Center for Enterprise Innovation at Old Dominion University, met with engineering students this month. Mr. Kaszubowski focused on ways in which engineering innovation is brought to markets and to people. He demonstrated how the entrepreneur evaluates new ideas and develops new technology into successful products and services. He explained the role, organization, and evolution of the startup company, and gave students overviews of the major kinds of business organizations and how technology is developed and managed there. Students came prepared with questions and comments and everyone engaged in a lively and creative exchange of ideas. Said Marty, ”My hope is that the students will see entrepreneurship as a viable career path that requires the same sort of creativity and problem solving skills that scientists and engineers use on a daily basis. Also, irrespective of whether they someday start their own entrepreneurial venture, if they find themselves managing multi-disciplinary projects within a larger organization, or creating an enterprise that aims to address an important social issue, I hope they’ll remember that the principles of entrepreneurship will help them see every problem as an opportunity to create value and improve the world they live in.” When asked what he found at GSST, Marty replied, “I was warned that the students would come armed with questions, comments, and opinions, and that was exactly what I found. They were bright, engaged, and ready to explore the ideas I offered up. I look forward to doing this again, and I expect to hear great things from the students as they move forward in their careers.”