US Physics Olympiad Competition – Fnet Test

The Physics Olympiad is a nine-day international competition among pre-university students from more than 60 nations. At the International Physics Olympiad, the competitors are asked to solve challenging theoretical and experimental physics problems.

The US Physics Olympiad teams selects its 5 team members by asking member teachers to nominate their best and brightest students to take the Fnet Test to qualify for the team.  Each year tens of thousands of students participate in the Fnet test.  Annually the approximately 300 students who score the highest on the Fnet test are invited to continue in the Semi-Final test for the US Physics Olympiad team.  20 students will be selected from the semi-finalist to attend a 2 week training camp in Maryland culminating in the selection of 5 students to represent the US in the International Physics Olympiad which will be held this year in Indonesia.  Jenny Gu of Tabb High School in the Engineering Physics Strand scored in the top 300 nationally and will be competing in the US Physics Olympiad Semi-Final test in early April.  Good luck Jenny!