The Performing Arts Alternative at GSST


The Governor’s School proudly presents the Ensemble clectique, an alternative showcase for student individual and collective performing talent.  Emphasizing originality and creativity, the Ensemble clectique stages performances at the GSST annual awards ceremony and other public venues.

If you are a talented instrumentalist, vocalist, or dancer with skills or strong interest in musical…

  • Improvisation
  • Interpretation
  • Experimentation, or
  • Creative expression

…and have a desire to move and entertain an audience, there is a role in the Ensemble clectique for you!

Your commitment to meet, collaborate, or practice on site once each week is required for the success of Ensemble clectique.

Auditions will be held, and parent or guardian permission is required. The selection criteria include technical skill, creative talent, and demonstrated commitment.

If you would like further information or to schedule an audition, simply contact Prof. Steve Walk in person or at steven.walk@nhrec.org.