Robotics Team- Rumble in the Roads

New Horizons’ Robotic Team 122 had quite a day!   On Friday, November 4, 2017… there was a huge turn-out of mentors, students and parents to cheer on Team 122.
The team finished the qualifying matches ranked 15th.  Team 122 was selected by the 4th seeded alliance and unfortunately lost in the semifinals. Kudos to the drive team.  The drivers, operator, human player, pilot and coach were fantastic.  It was impressive to see  the team members work together and post such high scores when many of them had limited knowledge about the game until the morning of the event. The pit crew prepped the robot prior to each match.  They even showed their coolness under pressure when the breaker switch broke and had to be replaced!
Thanks to the students who spent time scouting and cheering in the stands.  The scouting was good practice for future competitions.
A special thank you to the mentors who spent the long day with Team 122.  We couldn’t do it without you!  We appreciate those who came on Friday night to help set up the field.
Mrs. Clarke