The Cosmetology II program at the Butler Farm campus of New Horizons Regional Educational Center participated in the SkillsUSA State Fair Competitions in Doswell, Virginia on October 2nd 2017.

During the competition we had a total of 24 students who competed in various portions. We had 5 students who were awarded placement medals and ribbons for their talent. In addition we had 2 students; Alexander Adams who was awarded 2nd place and Anayah Branham-McMillian awarded 8th place for the more difficult Fantasy Mannekin Competition.
In the Fantasy Live Model competition we had three students place 8th they were Hannah Belisie, Citalay Guerrero-Cortez and Tya Carter.

We as a whole at New Horizons & Cosmetology II are very proud of our fellow students and classmates who put their best effort into this competition and gave everything they had towards this SkillsUSA State Fair Event.