GSST students Jim Furches (York HS), Cale Overstreet (York HS), and Steven Peng (Grafton HS) are the members of Team Relatively Relativistic sponsored by Dr. Rhett Woo.  They are participating in the Conrad Innovation Challenge, which is a national competition seeking innovative products that would benefit society in five different categories. Teams from all over the country submitted product ideas using a one minute video in the following categories: Aerospace and Aviation, Cyber-Technology and Security, Energy and Environment, Health and Nutrition, and Smoke-Free World.
Team Relatively Relativistic submitted an Electrohydrodynamic Thruster (or EHD Thruster for short), which works by ionizing air around a corona wire via high voltage, which then expands outwards towards an oppositely charged collector electrode, creating an air flow.
They have been selected as Semi-Finalist, and are now in the process of creating a business plan and a five minute video describing their EHD Thruster. If they are selected as one of the five finalists in the Aerospace & Aviation category, they will present their project at the Conrad Innovation Summit to a panel of scientists and business leaders at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida.