I/ITSEC 2017 Future Leaders Pavilion

 GSST Students Win First Place

I/ITSEC  2017 Future Leaders Pavilion

 Designing and Programming of Weight-sensing Post-OP Shoe

New Horizons Governor’s School for Science & Technology (GSST) students, Gabriel Edwards and Nathan Robinson, both from Kecoughtan High School, Hampton City Public Schools​ were one of six schools in the county to compete in the 2017 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC).

I/ITSEC is the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference. Held near the beginning of December in Orlando, Florida. The Governor’s School students were accompanied by Mr. Jonathan Torch, GSST Computational Science instructor. The student’s project titled “Designing and           Programming of a Weight-sensing Post-op Shoe” won first place within the Future Leaders          Competition. In order to participate, Gabriel and Nathan had to complete a modeling/simulation    project and a scientific paper. In addition, a presentation of their design and findings were presented before a panel of judges at I/ITSEC. Gabriel and Nathan were able to combine their knowledge of  engineering and computer science to create a sophisticated prototype that earned them a first place award!

The I/ITSEC conference provided Nathan and Gabriel a first-hand experience of how interservice and industry members come together to share knowledge and do business. Gabriel and Nathan are      planning to publish their paper and apply for a patent.