Code Quest is a high school international programming competition that takes place once a year. Lockheed Martin’s computer programmers and engineers sponsor this competition by creating 15-20 problems and hosting this event at many of its locations.
Students must use their problem solving and programming skills within a 2.5 hour time frame to get as many questions correct as possible! This annual event is used to challenge and inspire our future generation of engineers and programmers!

On Saturday, April 21st GSST juniors Byunghyun Yoon, Wan-Ching Tseng, Elisabeth Seguin, and Emery Shelly in the Computational Science strand competed in the 2018 Code Quest Competition. The competition was held in Suffolk, VA at Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation.

Emery Shelly placed 3rd in the novice category! Congratulations to our students on their achievements and dedication to STEM academics!