Adapted Physical Education and Recreational Therapy

Adapted Physical Education

The Adapted Physical Education Program at the Kiln Creek and Yorktown Middle School campuses offers a variety of recreational and sports activities adapted to the needs of each student through:

Focus on personal fitness: healthy eating, the enjoyment of movement, and stress management.

Exploration of wide variety of leisure interests by experiential learning

Exposure to gross motor movement concepts, skilled movement principles, and instruction in responsible behaviors and sportsmanship.

Our Nationally Certified APE Teacher has achieved the highest level of professional certification available in the field of adapted physical education, specifically meeting 15 standards of specialized knowledge in addition to several levels of professional achievement, and is a Certified Autism Fitness Practitioner.

Recreational Therapy

The Recreational Therapy Program at the Woodside Lane campus offers a variety of recreational and sports activities focusing on the development of  life skills including problem-solving, positive social skills, communication, and cooperation within a team or group.

Students are encouraged to explore and engage in activities that enhance their physical fitness, improve their quality of life, and provide opportunities for socialization.  Leisure education includes sport-related games, teamwork challenges, and a wide range of recreational activities that our students might engage in with their families, peers or with other groups in their community.  

Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists have met rigorous standards set forth by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification,   Recreational Therapists who hold these credentials demonstrate their commitment to the highest levels of professionalism, ethical practice, and continuing professional development.