YWC where job seekers access training, education and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with skilled workers.

The Youth Workforce Center has a record of providing excellent career and technical education programs for youth on the Peninsula for over 16 years providing high quality occupational and employability skill training for out-of-school youth ages 17 to 24 with an emphasis in:

  • Increasing the focus on serving the most vulnerable workers
  • Expanding education and training options
  • Helping disadvantaged and unemployed youth earn while they learn

The YWC is housed at New Horizons Regional Education Center whose facilities are recognized as outstanding and the instructional staff has multiple years of combined experience in their specialty areas.

While training under the YWC, youth can expect comprehensive program services to include:

Tutoring services are provided by instructors to assist students in areas where they require additional help. Particular attention will be placed on youth requiring literacy and/or numeracy gains.

Paid and unpaid work experience is provided through the out-of-school youth programs proposed. Students enter on the job training in their respective cohort choice with individual employers when available.  The Program Coordinator and Case Manager visit appropriate industries throughout the year to establish training partners that will create a pipeline from training directly to placement.

Leadership development is provided through intensive group experiences for out-of-school youth. Community leaders visit and interact with you throughout the training.

Support services such as transportation, uniforms, tools, limited childcare assistance, and behind-the wheel will be available through the YWC.

Guidance and counseling are provided to all youth in YWC programs at the point of service. Community services will be leveraged to supplement case management and counseling services incorporated into each YWC program.

Adult mentoring is provided by individuals at the work sites, through instructors at New Horizons and within the communities. Training partners also work with students as they progress through their assigned courses.

Financial literacy – Making thoughtful and informed decisions about your finances is moreimportant than ever.  Creating a financial plan helps you see the big picture and set long and short-term life goals. When you have a financial plan, it’s easier to make financial decisions and stay on track to meet your goals.  Information and activities are implemented with a local financial institution and/or financial expert.

Entrepreneurial skills training – how to become a business leader and creator of new ideas and business practices.

Follow up services will be scheduled to all participants who have exited the program. Participants will be contacted at 30, 60 and 180-day intervals to ensure they are progressing or need further assistance.





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