BF = Butler Farm Campus
WL = Woodside Lane Campus

Casey Roberts New Horizons Executive Director 
Seth Marsh CUED IN Developer  540-820-7384
Crystal Neal CTE Program Coordinator  757-369-5903
Dewey Ray Butler Farm Career Specialist
Dewey Ray Butler Farm Campus Principal  757-766-1100 ext:3306
Nicole Stephens Woodside Lane Campus Principal  757-874-4444 ext: 5502
Ed Dupree Welding Teacher- BF  Ext: 3344
Pierrette Swan Welding Teacher- WL Ext: 5584
Tim Fary Auto Tech I Teacher- BF  Ext: 3345
Dennis Young Auto Tech II Teacher- BF  Ext: 3348
Scott Harrell Auto Collision & Repair Teacher- BF Ext: 3347
Stephanie Cruz TNCC Mechatronics Teacher-BF Ext: 
Rich Wilcox  TNCC Mechatronics Teacher-BF ext:
Ed Morris TNCC Precision Machining Teacher-BF ext:
Quintasia Hurt Cybersecurity Teacher-BF  Ext: 3332
Lester Deberry HVAC Teacher- WL  Ext: 5543
Michael Whalen Plumbing/Pipefitting Teacher- WL  Ext: 5559
Amy England Electrical Teacher-WL  Ext: 5534
Tim Extine Construction Teacher- WL Ext: 5516
Cerone Hardy CISCO Networking Teacher- WL  Ext: 5542
Sridhar Chinnabhandar Computer Programming Teacher-WL  Ext: 5537
Michelle Duesberry-Woody Nurse Aid Teacher-BF Ext: 3391
Cynthia White Dental Careers Teacher- BF Ext: 3336
? OT/PT Teacher-BF Ext: 3349
Kathy Whitehead Medical Assistant Teacher- BF Ext: 3336
Jeff Davis Criminal Justice Teacher- BF Ext: 3369
Alfreada Kelly Criminal Justice Teacher- WL Ext: 5541
Amber Richardson Cosmetology I Teacher- BF Ext: 3368
Tanya Rogers Cosmetology II Teacher- BF Ext: 3371
Keyona Brown Cosmetology I & II Teacher-WL Ext: 5558
Carol Robbs Culinary Arts I &II Teacher-WL Ext: 5540
Jeff Brittingham EMT Teacher- BF Ext: 3334
James Hickman Firefighter Teacher-BF Ext: 3341
Teri Bane Early Childhood Teacher- WL Ext: 5591
Angela Stroble Pharmacy Teacher- WL Ext: 5515
Deb Rosson Veterinary Science Teacher- WL Ext: 5587
Update: New Summer Hours of Operation Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, closed Fridays. Adult Education Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM to 6:00PM
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