What is the Investment?

Access to Entry-Level Talent

Gain access to recruit and hire from a pre-screened student candidate pool representing six different school districts (23 high schools). This pipeline represents a sustainable ready to learn, entry-level talent source to meet the current and ongoing workforce needs.

Reach and Integration: CUED-IN Access

Employers gain access to a customized web based mobile application that can be customized to showcase and give digital access to students who are interested in seeking employment with your company.

Branding: Recruiting Video & AD Book Creation

A customized video that is used to recruit directly to students and will be housed on your business CUED-IN page. It will highlight & feature key benefits of your company. The Ad book is shared with businesses, students, parents & community leaders. Every GLS Business can submit a 1 page ad or one will be created for the company at no additional cost.

Career Selection Day Event

Resembling an “athletic signing day”, the Career Selection Day is a high energy celebratory event that publicly acknowledges students, employers, community members and stakeholders at the culmination of the program. Program graduates announce the employer team and career pathway they will be joining and proudly enter into the “Good Life”.

Performance Data Tracking and Reporting

In-depth analysis is provided to all employer partners helping the business to better recruit, hire & track entry level employees for 1 year in order to improve business performance, reduce labor cost and improve talent retention.