Academic Programs

Newport Academy provides a supportive, structured learning environment designed to meet the specific needs of students with emotional disabilities.

Each student’s Individualized Educational Plan addresses Virginia Standards of Learning, Aligned Standards of Learning, communication/language skills, functional academics, life skills, positive behavior supports, leisure and play skills, and social skills development based on their needs. Newport Academy staff use evidence-based instructional strategies and interventions to promote positive student outcomes.

Ongoing assessment is used to determine student strengths and needs, develop student goals, and evaluate their progress.

Functional skills and routines are incorporated into instruction, as needed, to promote student self-sufficiency and independence on tasks of daily living, leisure/play activities, and vocational tasks.

The High School Curriculum is designed to award credits in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, some electives, and Health and Physical education, to earn a standard or Applied Studies diploma. Students have credit recovery opportunities through on-line programming and classroom instruction.

Technology is used to enhance student learning, communication, and behavior. Laptops, Computer Labs, iPads, smart board technology are available and accessible to students.

Newport Academy’s Reading Intervention Specialist collaborates with teachers to develop and implement instructional techniques to improve student literacy skills.