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Family-school relationships are focused on student progress and success. Newport Academy staff, students, and their families work collaboratively to enhance learning opportunities, educational progress, and school success for our students.

Our Parent Action and Collaboration Team (PACT)  works to improve communication and collaboration between home and school. The PACT team organizes quarterly family events such as, the Fall Family Fun Festival, Family Movie Nights, Family Reading Nights, and much more! Newport Academy staff and families join our students and their families for these fun events.

Teachers communicate daily with parents/guardians using a Daily Behavior Communication Form and make themselves available for parent calls and meeting requests.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled on the school calendar twice a year and can be held more frequently at parent, student, or teacher request.

Parents/Guardians/Students can Follow student progress and review grades throughout the school year online in one secure, convenient location through the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal.