The Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training will serve as an affordable and valuable post-secondary educational resource that connects adult technical training to the current and future economic needs of—and workforce development on—the Virginia Peninsula and provide productive life-enhancing skills.

The Center is committed to the objective of providing sequential and comprehensive career and technical training so that area adults may obtain life-enhancing skills that will increase their ability for both initial and continuing employment in an ever-changing job market.

  • The Center has trade advisory committees that meet semi-annually to assist in guiding direction for apprenticeship and adult training.
  • Apprenticeship Related-Instruction consists of training for occupations commonly known as skilled crafts or trades.

The Center works closely with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) and will frequently conduct joint visits to business and industry with the local DOLI representative.

  • The adult technical and health science training courses are designed y for employment into a specific occupation. This avenue provides the necessary skills training in a minimum amount of time.