New Horizon Adult Training Center Operating Procedures

  1. REFUND POLICY: Partial refunds may be allowed for on-site classes if written application and receipt are received prior to the 7th CALENDAR DAY following the beginning of class. A $75.00 processing fee will be   retained by the Center on withdrawals initiated by the student before the first day of class. There will be NO REFUNDS for any invoiced business after the 7th CALENDAR DAY following the first day of class. All invoiced businesses will have a NET 60 day payment term from the date of invoice. There are NO REFUNDS FOR ONLINE CLASSES. In the event a class must be canceled, full refunds will be made as soon as possible. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. The decision of the Director of the Center for Apprenticeship & Adult Training is final in all cases.
  2. By registering for any course, students and employers on behalf of students, agree to comply with the Center’s parking policy and understand that smoking and/or use of tobacco products or the consumption of alcohol/drugs is prohibited on all New Horizons properties at all times. If a student is caught using any of the prohibited items in this policy, that student faces immediate expulsion from the program with NO REFUND.
  3. Attendance & Grade Policy

The Administration will leave the evaluation of each student to the discretion of the instructor. Instructors may be asked to justify any grade given to students.

Numerical and letter grades will be used in all academic and shop courses.   Letter grades may be used in shop courses or where otherwise appropriate.

A = 100-90 B = 89-80 C = 79-70 D = 69-60 F = 59 and below

I = Failure as a result of insufficient attendance

Each student who has maintained an average of at least 70 % in order to receive a certificate of completion. Attendance of 85% of the class hours offered is necessary to receive a passing grade and certificate. For most classes a student cannot miss more than 3 days.  Students must furnish a written excuse from their employer if they miss class due to work. Absenteeism for illness or other reasons will be review by the Director. Evaluation of program achievement will be left to the discretion of the Adult Training Director.

  1. Nursing Assistant students MUST MAINTAIN AN 80% GRADE AVERAGE in the CNA course. This is a Virginia State Board of Nursing mandate and requirement. If a student completes the course work with less than an 80%, that student will not be able to continue on to clinicals and final testing.
  2. Official enrollment, up to capacity, is based on the date of full payment.  We accept cash, money orders, certified bank checks, credit or debit cards. No personal checks.
  3. The Center for Apprenticeship and Adult training will not tolerate profane language or actions. All decisions by the Director will be final regarding this policy.
  4. DRESS CODE: There is no specific dress code policy for the Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training. However, this is a school environment and it is expected of our students to maintain a decorum of decent dress during school hours. Some courses  require specific dress policies to include medical and health classes and welding. The dress policy in these courses will be mandated by the instructor.
  5. All students must be able to read, write, and comprehend the English language. Interpreter services are at the student’s expense.
  6. The Center for Apprenticeship & Adult Training does not provide educational disability services to students. Any student who requires educational disability services must ensure those services are provided on their own.
  7. Please be advised that some courses require a background check in order to work in those specific fields.
  8. Course descriptions are current at the time of publication.  Courses are added from time to time to meet the needs of our community. Courses, course descriptions, dates and tuition may be changed at the discretion of the Center.  Registration is taken up to 1 week before the class begins or until it fills. Each class must have at least ten (10) students registered in a class in order to run a class.
  9. All medical field related courses (Medical Administrative Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant, Nurse Aide, Pharmacy Tech, Medical Billing and Coding, and Dental Assistant) require a High School Diploma or GED and a Virginia State Police Criminal Background Check.
  10. Any student or employer who registers for class under an invoiced paying apprenticeship sponsor agreement, must complete the course with that sponsor. If the student is terminated or leaves the company after the first week of class, the paying entity will be responsible for paying for the entirety of that course. If a student terminates from an invoiced employer, that student is no longer eligible to complete the course under their previous apprenticeship sponsor. All decisions will be made by the Director of the Center for Apprenticeship & Adult Training and those decisions are final.
  11. Any student that is funded by the Department of Veteran Affairs under Chapter 30, 33, 35, 1606, or 1607, must submit the Certificate of Eligibility, transcripts from any previously attended post-secondary institution, and a government issued ID by the deadline as described by the Veteran Benefits: Eligibility and Policies on page 5 of the Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training’s catalog.