Career Resources

We have expertise so you can have credentials. Our instructors are the gold standard with up-to-date credentials and licenses plus years of real-world experience. A good portion of our instructors work full-time in that chosen field during the day which provides students with current processes and understanding of what to expect once they finish classes.

What can expect from us?

  1. Knowledgable Staff
  2. Networks in the Surrounding Area
  3. Job Postings via our Social Media

Get connected on our social media accounts to receive updates about job postings. Along with the support the instructors and administrative staff provide, the job postings can get you directly in touch with an employer that is actively hiring someone from New Horizons.

For more information on apprenticeships and gaining employment visit our Apprenticeship webpage. Are you an employer looking to make connections with our students? Reach out! Email to add your position to our job board or look into setting up an apprenticeship.