Dedicated to Developing Academic and Leadership Talent in Science, Math and Scientific Research

Welcome to the Governor’s School for Science & Technology homepage! In keeping with our 22 year history of providing a distinguished science curriculum to the region’s gifted high school students, the Governor’s School provides a cohesive, innovative science and mathematics program which:

  • Embraces quality programming standards for gifted students recommended by the Virginia Department of Education and the National Association for Gifted Children,
  • Prepares students for acceptance into top universities
  • Provides a cohesive sequence of courses in science, research, and mathematics
  • Provides opportunities for social peer interaction, as well as career and college guidance
  • Provides leadership education and opportunities throughout the program

The Purpose of the GSST is to provide gifted high school students academic opportunities beyond those normally available in their home schools.

Unique Benefits of GSST

  • GSST focuses on best practices in the field of gifted education. GSST stresses non-traditional teaching and learning techniques. i.e. small-group instruction, hands-on-experiences, research, field studies — all of these best practices are major elements in the GSST instructional design.
  • GSST provides challenging academic college courses as well as chances to participate in real world opportunities.
  • GSST students have an opportunity to earn up to 40 dual enrollment credits over their junior and senior years.
  • GSST leads students to develop their individual motivations, skills and interests.
  • GSST helps students to understand the knowledge and qualifications required for advanced positions and professional occupations so that they can make appropriate decisions and set aspirational goals.
  • GSST students are introduced to the process of science, research methodology and ethical considerations, needed for objectivity and peer review, as well as skills in communicating scientific findings.
  • GSST students are exposed to vast opportunities associated with research and development.
  • GSST students select, design, and conduct a research project under the direction of a mentor. Students are expected to complete relevant projects of high quality. Students present their work at science consortia and create formal written research publications.
  • GSST Graduates receive millions in scholarships and grant each year to attend the top-tier colleges and universities.
  • GSST Graduates attend the most prestigious colleges in the nation, including the Ivy League schools, U.S. service academies and many of the top engineering schools.

GSST is one of nineteen Academic-Year Governor’s Schools (AYGS) in the state of  Virginia that provide students w/acceleration & exploration in areas ranging from the arts, to government, international studies, & science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).Academic-Year Governor’s Schools (AYGS)



Khalil a GSST alumni is now a 1693 scholar attending William & Mary.  Recently an article was written about his choice to attend William & Mary, being awarded the 1693 scholarship and contributions he is already making. Click the link below to read the full story on the William & Mary website.

2017-2018 The Performing Arts Alternative at GSST   The Governor’s School proudly presents the Ensemble Ẻclectique, an alternative showcase for student individual and collective performing talent.  Emphasizing originality and creativity, the Ensemble Ẻclectique stages performances at the GSST annual awards ceremony and other public venues. If you are a talented instrumentalist, vocalist, or dancer with… Read more »

Virginia Living’s Top High Schools & Colleges 2017 recognizes schools for their excellence and innovation in five categories: Arts & Humanities; Science, Math & Technology; Capital Improvements; Faculty Awards and Honors; and Special Needs. After careful and thorough review of each school’s programs and accomplishments, Virginia Living’s editors selected schools that have instituted programs or… Read more »

Over 100 4th through 7th grade students from across the region attended the 2017 GSST Summer STEM Camp. Students engage in biology, environmental science, chemistry, physics, and webpage design/programming classes.   Many students elect to take multiple classes. Course instruction is given by GSST students. The near-peer experience is great for all. Learning is hands-on… Read more »

Video produced at Old Dominion University, featuring our own Professor Walk.

Virginia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at James Madison University, March 2017   Thirteen GSST students presented talks at the Virginia Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at James Madison University. These students worked very hard to prepare professional quality presentations. They were asked many questions by panels of university professionals. GSST students showed that they… Read more »