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School Closings

When it is necessary to close school due to inclement weather, New Horizons Regional Education Centers (NHREC) follow the lead from Newport News Public Schools. On these days, the Centers will not be open to students even if their home school is conducting classes. The closing information will be carried on the local television stations. If the weather permits the phones to work, a message will be posted on the school phone message system. Access is gained as follows:

757-766-1100 – Option #1


Become better acquainted with The Governor’s School of Science and Technology  (GSST).  Read our annual newsletters.

You will find informative material on a variety of topics.

Some highlights found in our newsletter are:

  • “What GSST Students are saying” excerpts taken from alumni communications with our instructors
  • “Teacher Highlights” showing awards and accolades given to our instructors
  • The many symposiums, competitions, fairs and contests our students entered


Newsletter Archive

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Peachjar is host to our paperless fliers to parents. GSST goes green by posting fliers to Peachjar instead of sending home paper fliers with students. Click below to view.

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COVID-19 screening

We ensure our students perform this screening process everyday before entering the building. If there is a reason students are unable to complete this form, we provide a paper copy in which students must complete.