Information for Prospective Students

What is the Prospective Student Newsletter and how does it help prospective students and families stay informed?

The goal of our Prospective Student Newsletter is to disseminate information about the Governor’s School to as wide an audience as possible. To learn about our school, start by browsing the videos found under the About tab of this website. If the Governor’s School seems like something your child might be interested in, please also sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and notifications about virtual information sessions. Participation in the Prospective Student Newsletter does not guarantee acceptance into the Governor’s School for Science and Technology.

There are no qualifications necessary to receive the Prospective Student Newsletter: all families are welcome. If you’d like to stay apprised of what’s happening at The Governor’s School and receive notifications of informational events and admissions deadlines, simply provide your contact information below.  You can unsubscribe at any time, so please join us by completing the subscription form below.

Note: In past years, when Parent Information Sessions were delivered in person, limited seating prompted us to ask school counselors to identify those students who seemed most likely to qualify for Governor’s School and to invite them to apply to the informational PreAdmission Program. The pandemic required that Parent Information sessions be conducted virtually, and we have found that format to be highly effective and convenient for families. Since we no longer have limitations on the number of families who can attend information sessions – and since some highly qualified students were inevitably left out of the PreAdmissions Program for a variety of reasons – we now welcome all families to learn about Governor’s School through our newsletter and our virtual Parent Information Sessions. Please join us!