Kenya Whitney

Course Description:

PreCalculus (3162): (1 weighted high school math credit)

This course is an intensive, rigorous approach to mathematics designed to prepare students for college calculus. The first semester students will focus on the algebraic and geometric properties of polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, and engage in discussions about how these models are represented in the real world. The second-semester students will learn the analytic properties of trigonometric functions and geometric conics, as well as learning the properties of polar coordinates, vectors, matrices, parametrics, and sequences and series. The course concludes with an introduction to calculus.

College Calculus (3177): (1 weighted high school math credit)

This course covers 2 semesters of university-level calculus for scientists and engineers, emphasizing understanding and application. The first semester covers limits and continuity of functions, techniques and applications of differentiation, and introduces integration. The second semester covers applications and advanced techniques of integration, differential equations, sequences and series, and analytical geometry. Upon completion of this course, students will understand both the geometric and rate of change analyses of differential and integral calculus. Students will apply their understanding of calculus to modeling real-world situations mathematically and be able to solve those mathematical models. Successful completion of this course will prepare students to enroll in multivariable calculus / linear algebra.



Educational Background:
B.A in Applied Mathematics, Old Dominion University
M.A. in Math Education, Radford University 
Teaching Experience:
Tidewater Community College
Hampton High School 
Thomas Nelson Community College
She has been an educator 8 years. She is very passionate about student success and communicating math effectively. When she’s not teaching she is working in her garden, playing with her Labradoodle puppy, or enjoying time with her family.