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The Source – In-School Volume 2

The Source – Out-School Volume 2

Student Profile

The Youth Workforce Center (WIOA) In-School participants are acquired from the seven school divisions of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg-James City County, York County and Gloucester County annually.  The breakdown looks like this:

Number of Out of School Youth Served Annually



35 Newport News
35 Hampton
6 Poquoson
2 Williamsburg
3 York County
2 James City County
2 Gloucester County
  TOTAL :  85


Number of In-School Youth served Annually



20 Newport News
20 Hampton
1-3 Poquoson
3-5 Williamsburg
1-3 York County
2-4 James City County
3-5 Gloucester County
  TOTAL = 50

The Youth Workforce Center’s success is measured on how well they perform according to the guidelines set forth by the Federal government.

Federal Performance Measures

Program Measure Description Performance  Performance Description
Youth Attainment of Degree/Certificate 74.2% Exceed
Youth Literacy/Numeracy Gains 72.9% Exceed
Youth Placement in Employment/Education 54.8% Met
Youth Career Readiness Certification 78% Exceed

Success Stories

Stacey Scott

Stacey is a Virginia native who has experienced times of hardship and self-doubt like most young people her age. Instead of letting those times define her, she used those situations to fuel the fire that burned deep inside to change her life. When Stacey was in high school her mother was diagnosed with stage three cancer. She was faced with a decision to withdraw from school or continue wondering how her mother was feeling while she was at school. Unable to get any assistance from her high school, Stacey decided to withdraw from school. Stacey dedicated herself to assisting her mother full time during her illness and her father financially as he continued to provide for the family. Since entering the Youth Workforce Program, Stacey’s goal was to receive her GED. Recently accomplished that goal. Stacey and her case manager Karla Stallworth spoke about her experience in the Youth Workforce Program and her future plans.

What brought you to the Youth Workforce Center?
I knew I wanted to have a future for myself and become independent. I did not want to have just a 9 to 5, I wanted a career. I wanted a trade that I could use to become successful and to help others along the way.

Tell me about a time where you face adversity and how did you overcome it?

In 2012, I dropped out of school to take care of my mother who was diagnosed with stage three cancer. Leaving school was not an easy decision but I knew my mother needed my help. Once my mother’s cancer was in remission, I attempted to clean up the mess I created leaving school. I went to Campus at Lee in 2014 and I began completing the GED class but I did not complete the test. I knew I wanted my GED but it just seemed so far out of reach at that point. I began working at Food Lion and I soon realized that was not the life I wanted for myself. I started applying for other jobs and even landed a couple of interviews but I felt I did not receive the position was due to me not having my high school diploma or GED. I had to overcome many obstacles and jump over a lot of hurdles in order to obtain my GED. It seemed impossible for me to obtain my GED, considering I was initially told it would take four weeks to complete. I became discouraged because of the waiting process and how long it took to get to this point. Upon arriving to South Morrison to complete the math portion of the GED, I asked if there was any way I could finish the testing in a shorter amount of time. After passing the first section of the exam, the proctor of the exam asked if I wanted to finish the other sections of the GED the same week. I was excited and I completed the remaining three sections in two days. On July 14, 2016, I obtained my GED.

Would you advise other young people to join the Youth Workforce Program? If so, Why?
I would advise any young person to join the Youth Workforce Program because it is a great opportunity. You are given a free trade, you can choose from automotive, welding and medial assistant, the possibilities are limitless. The program also will assist you with getting your license, your GED and it is all free. The program only requires two things from you: attend class and complete leadership development. All this benefits you as a person. They even support you once you complete your class with job assistance. I would advise everyone to take part in the program.
What are three words you would use to describe yourself?  
Ambitious… intelligent… and wise!