Work Experience

Work Experience

The Work Experience Program is intended to provide meaningful work experience opportunities to eligible youth ages 16 – 24, through a service delivery approach designed to meet the unique needs of the youth being served.  The Program serves as a vital component in helping to prepare youth for the successful transition into the world-of-work whether now or later in their academic careers.  Youth earn a training stipend that is paid through the Youth Workforce Office.

Participating worksite agencies are directly responsible for supervising the youth’s work performance during the period of participation.  The length of the work experience is dependent on the particular job and its duties.

Worksite Supervisors will be regular employees of the business or organization and will provide a participant orientation that includes work schedule and expectations; regulations of the employer/agency (as they apply to participant); direct and indirect supervision, training, and guidance; name and telephone number of person(s) to notify when participant will be late or absent; review of safety procedures and person(s) to report accidents; explanation of duties and responsibilities; and time sheet reporting and procedures.

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