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FRC Team 122 Participates in two Regional Competitions!

In early January, FRC Team 122 was faced with the challenge to design, fabricate, test, redesign and program a robot in 6 weeks to participate in the FIRST challenge – Power UP.
During the weekend of March 2nd, the students and mentors traveled to Battlefield High School in Haymarket, VA to participate in the FIRST Chesapeake District Northern Virginia Event. It was an event filled with ups and downs but the team learned many valuable lessons at this competition.
This past weekend, the students and mentors traveled to Churchland High School in Portsmouth, VA to participate in the FIRST Chesapeake District Hampton Roads Event. After qualification matches, the team found themselves in 9th place. The 4th seeded alliance selected Team 122 as their 1st alliance partner. The team went on to win in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. The team is extremely proud of their success!
The NASA Knights appreciate the financial support from NASA Langley Research Center.
The team is hopeful that they’ll have an opportunity to participate at the Regional Championships at the University of Maryland in a few weeks.

Pascal’s principle

In Dr. Bedir’s Computational Physics class, students were introduced to the principal concepts and methods of fluid mechanics. Having learned about Pascal’s principle, the students are making a siphon and observing how a connected liquid in hydrostatic equilibrium rises to the same height in all open regions of the container

Three teams awarded at Great Computer Challenge




On Saturday, March 10th eighteen students and two GSST coaching instructors within the Computational Science Strand at the Governor’s School competed in the 33rd Annual Great Computer Challenge (GCC) at Old Dominion University. This event challenges groups of middle and high school students in a variety of computer competitions. GCC allows students to gain valuable experience in team collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.


This year the Governor’s School for Science and Technology brought home three awards, each in a different category. Macey Cohn and Alex Payne placed third in Music Composition. Hailey Thomas, Trevor Simmons, Jacob Sandling, and Mikhail Pozdniakov placed third in Scientific/Non-Business Programming. Huyen Nguyen, Michael Sutton, Brian Chou, Bradley Herron, and Noah Wiggins placed first in Desktop Presentations.


2018 Summer STEM Camp

The Governor’s School for Science and Technology (GSST) STEM Summer Camp would like to extend an invitation to rising 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students who are interested in learning more about science, computer programming, engineering, and math.

GSST STEM Summer Camp offers students exciting and innovative ways to experience hands-on learning with important science, technology, and engineering concepts. The courses are educationally enriching, diverse, creative, highly interactive, and appealing to students of almost every learning interest or special talent.

Registration forms are available on line at http://nhrec.org/gsst/admissions/summer-camp . If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Shelley Sykes at (757) 766-1100 ext. 3397 or by email at shelley.sykes@nhrec.org. Thank you.

Junior Science Fair

Research Methodology and Ethics is the junior year research course at Governor’s School for Science and Technology. On February 16, students presented their projects at the annual GSST Junior Research and Design Poster Exhibition. Subject matter experts from area research facilities, universities and businesses served as evaluators. Photos show GSST faculty and senior students reviewing the junior posters to provide feedback and an opportunity to practice presentations prior to the Exhibition.


James Blair Bowl at The College of William and Mary

Two teams of students participated in the James Blair Quiz Bowl this Saturday at William and Mary.

The team of Juniors consisted of

Finn Hulse – Jamestown HS

Allen Liu – Kecoughtan HS

Gavin McCabe – York HS

Kai Vylet – York HS  (10th overall High Scorer)

Mia Wright – Kecoughtan HS

They finished fifth overall in the tournament

The team of Seniors consisted of

James Harrington – Warwick HS (tied for 7th overall High Scorer)

Stas Kuzmenko – Lafayette HS

Rachel McNamara – Tabb HS (tied for 7th overall High Scorer)

Jakob Weiss – Lafayette HS (tied for 9th overall High Scorer)

The seniors finished second overall in the tournament and have officially qualified for the PACE Nationals held in DC June 2nd and 3rd.


Please join me in congratulating them on their accolades and hard work!

CNU Math Contest

The Eighteenth Annual CNU Regional High School Mathematics Contest was held on February 3, 2018.  This was a record-breaking competition, with 137 students from schools across eastern Virginia participating.

Congratulations to the winners from the Governor’s School teams.
 Individual awards went to:

Kai Vylet:  Highest individual score from the Governor’s School

Boheng Mu:  Highest individual score for a Junior (overall)

Emery Shelly:  Honorable mention (in the top 13 highest individual scores overall)

Stanislav (Stas) Kuzmenko:  Highest overall individual score

And congratulations to the team of:

Benjamin (Ben) Keener, Stanislav (Stas) Kuzmenko, Boheng Mu, Wesley Whitehurst

for the 2nd highest team score.


Many thanks to the 12 students that represented the Governor’s School:

Katelynne Berland (Grafton HS), Catherine (Katya) Mikhailova (Bruton HS), Emery Shelly (Lafayette HS), Kai Vylet (York HS);
Erin Cox (Tabb HS), Alyssa Lowe (Tabb HS), Yoonseok (Yoon) Oh (Grafton HS), Noelle Simpson (Tabb HS);
Benjamin (Ben) Keener (Jamestown HS), Stanislav (Stas) Kuzmenko (Lafayette HS), Boheng Mu (Warhill HS), Wesley Whitehurst (Warhill HS).




Bridge Project

The New Horizons Regional Transportation Organization charges the civil and structural engineers of Dr. Woo Engineering Physics Class to design, model, build and report on a prospective new or replacement bridge in the Hampton Roads Area.

Dr. Woo’s students researched traffic flow patterns and bridge conditions in the Hampton Roads area.  Student’s designed in AutoCad and cut models out of foam board on the laser cutter.  These future engineers recently reported on their proposed bridges and tested them under load.

National Academic Quiz Tournament

Three teams of students from GSST traveled to Mountain Vista Governor’s School on Saturday, January 27th to participate in our first National Academic Quiz Tournament.  Dr. Woo and his students had a great time and the students represented GSST well by placing two teams in the top 10 in our very first tournament.

2018 Faculty Colloquium on Excellence & Innovation

   Prof. Walk, teacher of Engineering Physics III & IV, recently gave an invited presentation at the 2018 Faculty Colloquium on Excellence & Innovation at Thomas Nelson Community College.  Prof. Walk’s presentation, “Philosophy of Engineering: Gifted Students and the Big Picture”, describes the approach to engineering instruction in the senior year dual enrolled engineering courses in the Engineering Strand at GSST.  He shows how the curriculum includes focus on the upper end of the engineering compendium, i.e., research and development, and introduces the concept of the philosophy of engineering in a pedagogical approach appropriate to the career aspirations and cognitive abilities of gifted and highly able students.