Internet Safety

Today’s students will be the first generation to use the Internet for their entire lives. This unprecedented access to resources will enhance their learning, research, communications, explorations for new ideas, and expressions of creativity. Unfortunately, this remarkable resource has become susceptible to abuse that often targets young people.

  • The Internet is a valuable learning, communication, and entertainment provider. A child’s Internet use should be based on age and the family’s needs and values.
  • Parents must understand potential Internet dangers and prepare their children, just as they prepare them for going to the playground or crossing the street.
  • Parents can provide the best protection for their children and help reinforce the principles learned in the classroom. Families should reach agreements about acceptable Internet activity and content.
  • Monitoring is crucial. Parents should know where their children go online, how long they stay there, and the warning signs that something is wrong.

Virginia Department of Education’s Guidelines and Resources for Internet Safety in Schools.

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