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June 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between GLS Build & Serve?

There are two divisions of the Good Life Solution Program. ‘Build’ focuses on the Construction, I.T,Auto, Engineering/ Manufacturing Trade students. “Serve” focuses on the Health Sciences, Human & Public Service students.

Where are the CTE campuses located?

(BF) Butler Farm Campus- 520 Butler Farm Rd, Hampton, VA 23666
(WL) Woodside Lane Campus- 13400 Woodside Ln, Newport News, VA 23608

What are the class times?

We have an AM session that runs from 7:40-10:00am and a PM session from 12:15-2:35pm. Students attend CTE classes everyday (Monday-Friday) for 2 hours and 20 minutes a day. If a student attends New Horizons during the AM session, they attend their home high school in the afternoon and vice versa.

How do students qualify for the GLS ‘Build’ program?

● Students must be a Senior or post High student enrolled in New Horizons that wants to work fulltime after
they graduate High School
● Have a 2.0 GPA or higher (If below 2.0- must have NHREC Teacher recommendation)
● Must have a ‘C’ or above from 1st semester NHREC Class
● Can not have more than 10 absences in a year

Who do I contact if I have questions or want to get incontact with teachers ?

If you have any questions regarding the program please contact a TMG staff member or Career Specialist. If you want to speak to the teachers to get a reference for a student candidate or want to come to the classroom
as a guest speaker/presenter please contact them directly through their school email.

Use this contact list.

How does the interview process work?

The students will learn about the various companies and their hiring needs through the CUED-IN website. They will also have the opportunity to speak with employers at the GLS Career Fair. The employers have the option to interview as many of the interested student applicants as they see fit during interview week in person on campus or virtually. Once you finish the ‘student evaluation form’ and give it to the career specialist, that will let New Horizons and the student know if a contingent offer was made. Once all interviews are conducted, the student will let the career specialist know which company they will accept their offer from. The career specialist documents all the information and relays that information to all the employers.

What does contingent offer mean?

After the interview of candidates, if you decide that your company would like to hire a student(s). You let the
Career Specialist know the names of the student(s) whom you want to make a contingent offer to. Meaning they will start working ‘full time’ for your company contingent upon
● Finishing the New Horizons Program
● Graduating High School
● Being at least 18 yrs old
● Completing your official HR paper paper/ application
● Passing all background checks, drug tests, physical assessments/screening, etc.

What additional items or costs might I incur?

If you made an offer to a student(s), both you and the student(s) will be recognized at ‘Selection Day’ where you will present a hat with your company logo on it. Your company is responsible for the purchase of these hats.

When will the students start working?

The default start date for students will always be the week after the July 4th holiday. However, some students do not turn 18 til later so they will have a later start date. You can determine your start date before or after the
holiday based on your business needs. Be sure to communicate that with the student during the interview so
that expectations are clear.

What is ‘Selection Day’?

Resembling an “athletic signing day”, the Career Selection Day is a high energy celebratory event that publicly
acknowledges students, employers, community members and stakeholders at the culmination of the program.
The Employer presents the student(s) with the company hat and offer packet on the stage during a televised
event. Program graduates announce the employer team and career pathway they will be joining and proudly
enter into the “Good Life”.

GLS Timeline

  1. Employer Recruiting to Pre- Screened GLS Candidate Pool via CUED-In App

  2. Candidate Applications submitted to Employers via CUED-In App

  3. Contingent Job Offers made to selected GLS Candidates

  4. Employers Interview selected GLS Candidates

  5. GLS Selection Day

  6. Candidates
    begin career

Program Timeline







Employer Recruiting to Pre-Screened GLS Candidate Pool via CUED-In App

Candidate Applications submitted to Employers via CUED-In App

Employers Interview selected GLS Candidates

Contingent Job Offers made to selected GLS Candidates

GLS Selection Day

Candidates begin career