College Planning

College Planning Program


Governor’s School students are a high-achieving group; the average SAT score for members of the Class of 2022 was 1407 (Reading & Writing 696, Math 719). Our alumnae have gone on to attend the top public and private universities in the country and we’re committed to helping current students achieve a similar level of success via the following college planning initiatives:

  • In-school seminars for students about preparing for college, searching for schools that are a good academic and extracurricular fit, and making the most of opportunities for financial aid and honors programs.
  • Online Newsletters for Parents:
    • Governor’s School News is sent to all GSST parents. It provides information about what’s happening at the school, along with announcements about college planning opportunities and events.
    • College Planning Minutes is a monthly newsletter, published by Dr. Ellen Fithian, that covers timely topics related to college planning. Registration is open to any family, whether or not they attend GSST. To subscribe, go to
    • Dr. Fithian also publishes a free informational website for parents – The Sidelines: Parent Guide to College Admissions. The site features a step-by-step guide with articles on the major college planning milestones. It’s located at

Dual Enrollment

The Governor’s School for Science and Technology (GSST)  Dual enrollment (DE) at Virginia Peninsula Community College is restricted to students who are juniors or seniors in high school studying at the high school junior or senior level. All dual enrollment students must demonstrate readiness for college, meet applicable college placement requirements, and address all other college admission criteria.

Documentation of parental permission is required for all dual enrollment students.

Visit for additional information.

Still want more information? Check out the Transfer Virginia DE Student Guide by clicking HERE.

INSTRUCTIONS (Complete the steps below and provide required documentation to Deidre Yee GSST Dual Enrollment Coordinator.)

  1. Apply to Virginia Peninsula Community College online.
  2. Contact VCPP’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator to discuss placement testing.

Submit any PSAT/ACT/SAT scores (within two years) to your Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

They will provide a form for you to take the testing center if any additional placement testing is needed.

  1. If placement testing is needed, visit for testing center hours, location and preparation.

All forms must reflect the current or upcoming academic school year If you need additional information, please contact a Dual Enrollment Coordinator at: or 757-825-2706

All new students must test unless they meet an exception listed below:

  • Students who have successfully completed either the ACT or SAT instrument within two years prior to the time they enroll in either an English or mathematics course at Virginia Peninsula Community College, must provide a copy of the official scores from ACT or SAT to Ms. Deidre Yee who will interpret the scores to determine if the student is exempt from the college’s assessment.

The scores that exempt a student from the assessment test at Virginia Peninsula Community College are:

  1. SAT Scores of 500 in Critical Reading and Writing (within two years) and an ACT English and Reading score of 18 or higher (within two years)

All GSST Students interested in dual enrollment credit must take the placement test in mathematics.

What is the process for In-School Dual Enrollment?

  1. Apply to VPCC online. Upon completing the application you will be assigned a VPCC Student ID number, also called an EMPLID. Write down and save this number in order to complete the following steps.
  2. TEST for eligibility or provide SAT, ACT, PSAT, or Math SOL scores. Qualifying scores for admission to the program are shown below. VIrginia Peninsula Community College provides the Virginia Placement test at no charge to students. It is very important to take the placement test seriously and practice beforehand. Practice is available on our website. If possible, the test should be taken in two parts due to its length. You must take your VPCC ID# & a photo ID to the test session and identify yourself as a DE student. Students who have all or some of the qualifying scores on the above chart will not need to take that portion of the test. Students should bring copies of their scores to the Admissions Office, room 208 Griffin Hall in Hampton, or to Student Services at the Historic Triangle campus. Students wishing to take MTH 163, 164, 173, 174, 180, 240, 277, 285; CHM 111, 112; PHY 241, 242 must take the math placement test regardless of standardized test scores. These courses are offered at the Governor’s School for Science and Technology.
  3. REGISTER for the course. You must register each term for a new DE course. After you have applied and taken the placement test, your Governor’s School teacher will give you a DE College Registration Form at the first class meeting. Complete, sign, and return this form to your teacher.
  4. Once you have registered, you can confirm your dual enrollment (and request/view a transcript) by logging into your myTNCCaccount. 

 What is the process for On-Campus Dual Enrollment?

  1. Apply to VPCC online.
  2. Complete the permission form found here. This form requires a signature from an acting school official.
  3. Take the college placement test or submit official SAT/ACT/PSAT or SOL scores.
  4. Make an appointment with a Dual Enrollment Coordinator at the Hampton Campus to register for classes, or see an Advisor at the Historic Triangle Campus in Williamsburg.
  5. Bring an official transcript including a graduation date verifying that you are a high school junior or senior. A transcript is considered official when it is in an unopened envelope and signed by the acting school official.
  6. Home schooled students only present one of the following:
    • For students home schooled under religious exemption, submit a copy of the “Letter of Intent to Instruct” submitted to the school division in which the student resides.
    • Otherwise, submit a copy of the acknowledgement letter sent by the school division each year.

How do I complete the Virginia Peninsula Community College online application?

Students must answer the following questions correctly so their application can be processed.

Section 1: Personal Information

  • Q: Which college do you plan to attend?
  • A: Virginia Peninsula Community College
  • Q: In what type of classes will you be enrolling?
  • Q: What campus will you attend?
  • A: Hampton Campus

Section 5: Educational Goals

  • HS Stdnt – HS & College Credit (041)

Section 6: Domicile Questionnaire

  • You must complete the domicile section.

What In-School Dual Enrollment Courses are available?

Students interested in In-School Dual Enrollment should talk with their high school counselors and teachers about dual enrollment opportunities in their high school.

What will it cost?

In-School Dual Enrollment: Local school divisions receive a discounted tuition rate.

On-Campus Dual Enrollment: Each course cost the current rate for tuition and fees. Dual Enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid.

What is the difference between Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP)?

To earn college credit for an Advanced Placement class, a student must take a national AP exam at the end of the year and score at least a 3 or higher to earn college credit. Many colleges and universities require a 4 or a 5 to receive credit. Dual enrollment credit is based on daily performance and testing conducted in the classroom. A student must earn a “C” or higher grade to accrue college credit. After the completion of the course, dual enrollment students may request an official Virginia Peninsula Community College transcript to be sent to the college of their choice. Most courses with a “C” or higher will transfer but students should check with the college of their choice regarding transferability.


To order VPCC transcripts:

The first 3 are free.
Any questions, please contact the dual enrollment coordinator Linda Hubbard, M.Ed. at (757)258-6527