Student Conduct

Level 1 – Conference

Level 2 – Intervention

Level 3 – Alternative to Suspension or In School Suspension

Level 4 – Suspension (1-5 days)

Level 5 – Suspension (6-10 days)

Level 6 – Suspension (10 days with contract)

Level 7 – Long Term Suspension (11-180 days)

Level 8 – Removal from New Horizons


  1. Endangerment – A student will not be involved in or be responsible for creating a situation that will endanger the safety of self or place others in jeopardy or at risk.
  2. (Level 4 – 8)
  3. Serious or repeated violations – Serious or repeated violations of one or more rules require a need for strong parent-administrator communication, coordination, consideration of outside assistance, and possible suspension and/or expulsion.
  4. (Level 4 – 8)
  5. Sexual offenses – Offensive touching, sexual harassment, consensual sex, indecent exposure or rape (Criminal sexual offenses must be reported to the police department). (§§ 22.1. – 280.1)
    (Level 4 – 8)
    Robbery, theft, burglary or possession of stolen property (Must be reported to police department). (§221 – 280.1)
    (Level 4 – 8)
    Use or possession of a weapon, look alike or dangerous instrument or explosive device in school buildings, in automobiles, on school buses, on school grounds or during school–related activities (Must be reported to police department).
    (§§22.1 – 280.1, 1950 as amended) (§§18.2 -282, §§18.2-85)
    (Level 4 – 8)
    Vandalism, willful or malicious defacing of school property including graffiti, and willful or malicious defacing of private property causing or attempting to cause damage to school or personal property. Legislation states that each student “shall be required to reimburse the school board for any actual breakage or destruction of property… done by such pupil in pursuit of his studies”.  HB 1707 passed by the 2001 General Assembly authorized school boards to take action against a student for actual breakage, destruction or failure to return (§§ 8.01-43) and allows school boards to initiate action to recover from parents up to $2500 for damages for the willful or malicious destruction of school property by their child. (May be reported to the police department).
    (Level 4 – 8)
    False fire alarm, bomb threat (Must be reported to police department).
    (§§22.1 – 280.1, 1950 as amended) and (§§18.2 –83)
    (Level 4 – 8)
    Reckless use of vehicle
    (Level 2 – 8)
    Bullying of any form, hazing, threatening, intimidating, harassing, instigating, extorting, fighting (assault and battery): Any physical confrontation that may result in no injury, minor injury, or serious injury that includes, but may not be limited to, kicking, shoving, pushing, hitting, throwing objects and fighting (Must be reported to law enforcement) –   (§22.1-280 (A)   and   (B),  VA Code  1950 as  amended), §22.1.2801 and §22.1-212(1) as amended)(§18.2-38-1) If the threat is written, signed or unsigned, and contains a threat to kill or to do bodily injury to an individual or member of his/her family, it is a Class six (6) felony.  If the communication is oral and contains a threat to kill or do bodily harm to any school employee and occurs on a school bus, school property, or during a school-sponsored activity, it is a Class one (1) misdemeanor.
    (Level 3 – 8)
    Improper use of any cellular telephone or two-way communication device. Other electronic receiving/transmitting device, radio, tape, CD player, headphone, laser pointer, electronic game, etc. These items will be confiscated and will only be returned in accordance with the policy outlined on pp. 22 – 23.
    (Level 2 – 8)
    Possession of and or use of iPod, MP3 player, CD players, portable communication devices, electronic games, and laser pointers in violation of policy outlined on p. 22.
    (Level 1-3)
    Possession and/or use of drugs, paraphernalia, alcohol, electronic cigarettes, tobacco and other controlled substances on school property or at school-related activities (Must be reported to law enforcement. (§22.1-280.1 54.1))
    (Level 4 – 8)
    Unauthorized activities – Selling or purchasing unauthorized items, electronic tampering, sharing medication, possessing of inappropriate material (s) on school property.
    (Level 1 – 8)
    Misrepresentation – Cheating, forging of school documents, lying.
    (Level 2 – 8)
    Disruption- Class disturbance, any activities that interfere with the educational environment including refusing to participate in class activities. 
    (Level 1 – 8)
    Any violation of the law.
    (Level 1 – 8)
    Verbal assault, profanity, slander or obscene behavior. Also, engaging in behavior which is offensive to racial, ethnic or religious group(s).
    (Level 2 – 6)
    Insubordination or disrespect directed at any staff member.  Insubordination is defined as any failure to follow directions of instructors or any staff member.  Disrespectful actions include   discourteous or impolite speech or action to others, as well as not being considerate and thoughtful of the rights and feelings of others and not conducting oneself in a mannerly way.
    (Level 1 – 5)
    (Level 1 – 4)
    (Level 2 – 4)
    Inappropriate attire (see Student Grooming and Dress).
    (Level 1 – 4)
    Trespassing or loitering in the building (including near vending machines) or on the     grounds. Students are not to be in automobiles, student-parking areas, or in buildings other   than their class building from the time they report until they leave.
    (Level 1 – 4)
    Leaving school grounds or class without permission and/or without signing out.
    (Level 2 – 4)
    Violation of Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
    (Level 1 – 8)