Scholarships and Honorariums

New Horizons provides a variety of scholarships and honorariums to deserving graduating seniors. The Educational Foundation Scholarship Program was established in the spring of 1992.  Scholarships are awarded annually to students enrolled in the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC). The Foundation also provides honorariums to students going directly to work in a field related to their CTE Program. Other scholarships and honorariums are funded through businesses, community organizations, and memorial funds.

Selection criteria for scholarships:

Career and Technical Education Center students are selected on a combined basis of merit and need.  The recipients shall be graduating seniors planning to pursue a postsecondary education program at a community college, technical school or college or university.

The Scholarship Committee, which will include the Scholarship Sub-Committee Chair of the New Horizons Educational Foundation, will select the Career and Technical scholarship winners.

The recipients of the Career and Technical scholarship must be a graduating senior and program completer at New Horizons Regional Education Center planning to continue his/her career in technical education or a related professional area.

Student applicants must fill out the entire scholarship application.  The application focuses on a variety of aspects: student’s transcript, financial need, honors, work experience, community service, and extracurricular activities. Each student must submit an essay outlining career plans and how future goals link to their New Horizons course of study. Two references should be forwarded from a counselor, teacher, or employer/mentor.


Honorarium Description:

The Honorarium provides funds to graduates who are entering the workforce to defray the costs associated with full time employment– like equipment, uniforms, reliable transportation and even fuel for their transportation.  The criteria for selection reflect success traits in the workplace such as productivity, attendance, accomplishment, leadership, and being a team player as defined by their instructor, just as their performance on the job will be evaluated by their immediate supervisor.


  1. Student demonstrates commitment to working in their field of study at New Horizons
  2. Exemplary attendance
  3. Exemplary performance
  4. Demonstrates exemplary workplace readiness skills
  5. Preferably obtained a license in their field of study