Dental Careers

DENTAL CAREERS I and II – #8328/#8329

Dental Assistance Syllabus
Dental Assistance 1 Pacing Guide
Dental Assistance 2 Pacing Guide
Dental Assistance Flyer


  • Two-year program that prepares students to perform all the tasks of a Dental Assistant
  • Students are introduced to the careers in Dentistry, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, Dental Laboratory Technician, and Dental Receptionist
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in internships at local private dentist offices and public health dental facilities
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a job growth of 18% from 2014-2024 (much faster than average)

Infection control and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards
Anatomy and physiology
Tooth morphology
Oral histology
Preventative dentistry
Office administration and management
Use of dental software
Operative dentistry techniques
Medical Emergencies
Coronal Polishing
Oral Pathology
Dental roentgenology
Schedule IV drugs and pharmacology
Dental materials and laboratory techniques

Eye hand coordination
Manual dexterity and color discrimination as well
10th grade reading level
Students must have completed Biology with a minimum grade of “B” or better.
Hepatitis B (series of 3 injections)
CAMPUS LOCATION: Butler Farm, Hampton
CLASS SIZE: 20 per Session
CREDENTIALS: Radiation Health Safety,  National Occupation Testing Institute (NOCTI)
STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)


Program Fees: 
CPR/BLS $60.00
Rental Deposit $25.00
X-Ray Practice Exam $39.00
Student Organization Fee $17.00
**Deposit fee is refundable upon return of equipment**


INSTRUCTOR:  Cynthia White 757-766-1100 ext. 3333
Certified Dental Association (CDA) Nationally Registered Dental Association (NRDA)
Dental Instructor at New Horizons Regional Education Center with 20 years teaching experience
Associate’s Degree with Thomas Nelson in Education
Postsecondary Instructor, Education in Dentistry with Tidewater Tech in Newport News
Part-time Training Specialist at Busch Gardens, Human Resources Department

Lab technician, hygienist, equipment technician, dental supply, front office (no extra schooling needed), oral surgery assistant, orthodontic assistant.(no extra schooling needed)

Local dental clinics (internships)
Advisory (Local dental clinics, Dr. Clark,  Jalen Robinson; Nikia Howard, RH

CTE Resource Center – VERSO