Electricity and Renewable Energy


Electricity and Renewable Energy Syllabus

Electricity and Renewable Energy  Flyer


  • Teaches skills to install, maintain and repair residential and commercial wiring, equipment and fixtures, and use of the National Electrical Code Book.
  • Study of alternative renewable energy sources includes installing hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels and communication cable and wiring.
  • Employment opportunities strong with average salary of $41.5k to 53.8K (depending on location and cost of living)
  • One Year ProgramElec 2

STUDENTS STUDY: Electrical Theory Electrical Code Renewable Energy Systems Power Systems

PREREQUISITES: Algebra 1 with a grade of “C” or better English 10 with a grade of “C” or better

CAMPUS LOCATION: Woodside Lane, Newport News


CLASS SIZE: 20 studentsHVAC 2

CREDENTIALS: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA 10)
 Electrical Construction Technology Assessment Electrical Construction Wiring Examination


Program Fees:  
Student Organization Fee $17.00
Shirt (New Addition) $48.00

INSTRUCTOR:  Amy England


Beginning my career 10 years ago, I successfully completed the four-year NCCER
apprenticeship at New Horizons Regional Education Centers. After obtaining my Journeyman’s
License, I rapidly began climbing the ladder into the Project Management side of the trade.
Passing on education and training within the field, my passion turned on like a light bulb. Now,
as a Master Electrician, I teach the apprenticeship for adult training at night and commit full time
during the day to get my students workforce ready!

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Electrician Maintenance Technician Solar Power Technician Hydrogen Power Technician Telecommunication Tech Security System Technician Audio Video Technician Project Manager Foreman Business Owner

BUSINESS PARTNERS: Newport News Shipbuilding Bay Electric Company Walsh Electric

RESOURCES: CTE Resource Center – VERSO Virginia Department of Education  (VDOE) NEC Code Book